Pedag T-Form White Leather metatarsal pad


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Non-bulky splayfoot pad. Perfect shape for medium & high longitudinal arches, as the T-shape provides planar support for the transverse arch.

  • cushions the splayfoot
  • gently corrects the transverse arch
  • is not bulky, ideal if there is little space in the shoe
  • made of soft memory foam
  • covered with fine goatskin
  • adheres securely thanks to self-adhesive bottom


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  • Pain and a sensation of burning in the forefoot are the first signs of splayfoot. Feet ache and tire quickly. Pads support the anatomically correct position of the metatarsals and thus alleviate the symptoms. For relaxed feet that can endure longer on shopping tours.
  • The T-shaped pad pedag T-Form made of fine leather with a core of Memory Foam supports the transverse arch over a larger area than pedag Drop and is therefore well suited for foot types with medium and lowered longitudinal arch. By the way: Forefoot pads can also prevent the development of a splayfoot.
  • germany Pedag T-Form White Leather metatarsal pad Online Shopping Linkarta Handmade in Germany
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