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BOTERO 11 is a piece of footwear designed for daily out-of-home treatment of the rheumatic foot affected by joint pain and displaying major deformities. It also serves for grade 1-2 prevention of diabetic foot.
The semi-rigid biomechanical outsole contributes to a steady gait and alleviates stress around the ankles and knees, boosting lympho-venous drainage and significantly reducing swelling and pain (an excellent solution in the case of vasculopathies).
Seamless at friction points, the stretchable upper adapts to the shape of the foot, accommodating any deformities (like hallux valgus or hammer toes) and preventing painful dangerous rubbing.
The double-velcro fastening enables the upper to open fully for an easier entry.
This piece of footwear has been designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole.
BOTERO 11 is part of the “PODARTIS PERFECT FITTING” system – a single model designed in different fits to better suit all the needs of patients.

The Botero family is available in a variety of fits as listed below, going from the smallest to the largest: Botero 11 – Botero 12 – Botero 12 forato (only in summertime) – Botero 13 – xDiab 14 – xDiab 16.

AED 1,199.00

  • Stretchable breathable upper in calfskin, suede and Flexpell®.
  • Semi-rigid Timing Rocker Sole biomechanical outsole in adjustable microporous EVA with a Vibram tread.
  • Sweat-wicking Drypod lining.
  • Double Velcro fastening.
  • Extended stabilising back counter.
  • Designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole.

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