Podartis Teraheel PO400 (1pc)

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TERAHEEL is a post-operative piece of footwear recommended for the treatment of heel fractures, during the post-operative stages of the rearfoot and in the case of patients affected by heel spurs. It is also useful in the case of rearfoot ulcers.
The sole protects the rearfoot and allows for complete offloading, enabling the patient to walk around without the help of crutches. Rearfoot offloading is further facilitated by an insole in soft polyurethane (customisable).
The back of the shoe has been fitted with a removable protective ring which acts as a bumper, making sure that the patient does not run the risk of being knocked on the critical area.
The side counters contain and stabilise the foot.

AED 473.00

  • Seamless upper: no seams at friction points.
  • Multi-velcro fastening and fully opening front.
  • Sole for complete heel offloading.
  • Offloading insole in soft PU.
  • Removable rear bumper.
  • Extra internal volume.
  • Stabilising counter.
  • Can be worn on either leg.
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