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TERAPES is a clinically tested post-operative shoe recommended for usage after minimally invasive and percutaneous operations on the forefoot. It is also useful for bandaged feet and allows for partial movement of the forefoot.
Clinical tests show that the semi-rigid biomechanical outsole makes for a smoother gait and allows for forefoot offsetting.
Moreover, by lengthening the midstance interval, semi-rigid biomechanical technology protects the metatarsal bones, reducing the mobility of the metatarsophalangeal joints and contributing to an earlier recovery of the motor functions (Clinical study on offloading footwear for the post-surgical recovery phase, 2012).
The toe-strike angle is accentuated to help the foot roll naturally, helping to simulate normal walking.
The seamless padded nylon upper and velcro closure mean that TERAPES is also an excellent solution for dorsal, interdigital and subungual ulcers as well as being effective in the case of delicate or sensitive skin because nasty rubbing and painful chafing is prevented.
The double-velcro fastening means that the front of the shoe can be opened completely and the internal volume adjusted so that swollen or sore feet can be accommodated and ready-made or bespoke insoles can be inserted.
With a practical lightweight structure, TERAPES does not only offer an easy entry, it combines a curated design with new technology so it is effective and comfortable on the foot.

AED 326.00

  • Semi-rigid biomechanical outsole.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Upper in padded nylon.
  • Seamless upper: no seams at friction points.
  • Velcro fastening and fully openable.
  • Easy entry.
  • Can be worn on either leg.

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