Podartis Tutore Heel Boot TU500


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HEEL BOOT is a heel-offloading brace designed for bedridden patients (the extendable front protects the toes and the anti-rotation buttress diminishes limb movement) and for short walks around the house (thanks to the ultra-lightweight tread).
It is recommended for heel ulcers in order to prevent lesions to the toes caused by rubbing against the blankets and bedsores.
Made from a soft lightweight material, the airy padding accommodates the injured foot without causing pressure or chafing. The side strap is adjustable to help the foot regain the right posture without straining the joints.
The multi-velcro-strap system means that patients can adjust the internal volume and adapt it to fit their foot.

AED 761.25

  • Large
  • XL
  • Detachable tread.
  • Multi-velcro fastening and easy-to-open at front.
  • Variable volume.
  • Adjustable side strap.
  • Super-soft padding.
  • Extendable at the front.
  • Anti-rotation buttress.
  • Can be worn on either leg.
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