Sursil Ortho Leather Sandals Red 15-242M


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Stabilizing children’s orthopedic footwear 15-242M SURSIL with high stiff ankle boots is recommended for children with formed hallux valgus or varus deformity of the foot and with cerebral palsy.

In the case of congenital or acquired flat feet, it is recommended to insert an instep support in the shoe to create the maximum clinical effect.
The high rigid bristle fixes not only the talocalcaneal, but also the ankle joint, which, with constant wearing of these shoes, forms the correct development of the articular surfaces and prevents the further development of deformity.

A special orthopedic heel “Thomas”, which has a large length on the inner side, allows you to eliminate the inversion (inward rotation of the foot) component of the deformity.

The sole with an artificial physiological roll contributes to the correct positioning of the foot when walking.

The use of clasps like “tape” allows you to reliably fix the feet with different fullness.

The wide opening of the front of the shoe makes it easier for a child to put on the shoe.

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