Bathbee Coffee Peeling 250g

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Mechanical coffee peeling perfectly removes damaged epidermis. Eliminates cellulite and restores the natural pH of the skin.

It limits the development of pathogens and creates a protective barrier on the skin.

It stimulates lymph circulation and smells like morning coffee Due to the glass packaging and large capacity,
it is perfect for a bathroom where it will be a decorative element and at the right moment it will be used to make a home spa.

Remember that our peeling should be used at least once a week. Of course, if your skin requires more care sessions you can use it more often.
We recommend 2-3 sessions a week.
The effects will be immediately seen on your skin.
Clean your skin with warm water and a delicate cleanser first.
Next, rub the peeling in your hands and then start massaging your skin with it.
Try rubbing it as long as possible, so that the abrasive substances contained in our peeling can fully get rid of a dead epidermis, Then, rinse it with warm water and dry it with a towel.
Be careful though- dry it gently, so the protective layer created by the peeling will not disappear.
If you want to boost the final effect, apply our 100% natural honey body and hair mask as well.
Remember : the longer you massage your skin with our peeling, the better our cosmetic will do for it.
If you apply our honey mask afterward, the longer you keep it on your skin before rinsing, the better effects you will achieve.

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