Air Mattress Alternating Pressure System with Pump Anti-bedsore Anti-decubitus

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Operating Principles
Alternating pressure at a sufficient rhythm avoids prolonged
vascular compression which is likely to cause tissue hypoxia.Alternating pressure adapts the mattress to the patient and theirposition.
Guidelines For Use
The traditionally accepted method of pressure sore control is toturn the client at regular intervals and to observe the areas of riskregularly.
Alternating pressure mattress is intended to compliment this treatment,observation of the client and turning when necessary should still beconsidered as part of the treatment.
For patients who are likely to spend more than 15 hours per day in
bed.For patients who are classed as medium to high risk of developingpressure ulcers.
Installation / Use
1. Unroll the mattress.
2. Position it on the bed.
3. Secure it to the bed with flaps.
4. Hang the compressor (pump) at the end of the bed (foot end) usingthe hooks.5.
Connect the mattress feed pipes to the compressor (pump)connector by matching the appropriate outlets.
6. Connect the electrical power supply cable to the compressor(pump).
7. Guide it along thebed to the mattress plug socket and plug in.compressor (pump).
8. Press switch to turn on the9. Before positioning the patient onto the mattress, wait until the
mattress has been fully inflated.
10. Select the pressure corresponding to the patient’s morphology.

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  • Max. User Weight : 135-145kg
  • Mattress Dimension : HF6002/HF6002V/HF6005: 200/90/11.5cm
  • Mattress Dimension : HF6002-17/HF6002-17P : 190/85/11.5cm
  • Mattress Dimension : HF6002-22/HF6002-24 : 186/80/7.5cm
  • Mattress Dimension : HF6006/HF6008 : 200/90/20.5cm
  • Materials : Nylon PVC/PU cell, nylon PVC/PU Cover
  • Cycle time : 6mins
  • Air Output : 5-7L / min (Aluminum motor 6-8L/min)
  • Pressure Range : 50-120 mmHg
  • Electrical Power Supply : 110v/220v,50-60Hz
  • Protection Against Class ll Electric Shocks
SKU: BFI-33808 Brand:

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