Perpedes Calca Pro X Control Insole

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After further processing by qualified personnel the CALCA PRO X orthotic blank is the original and designed particularly for acutely painful complaints due to overloading in the heel area. The shell‘s heel recess in combination with the unique low positioned groove for the plantar fascia in the self-supporting Perpedes glass fiber composite shell is orientated on the fascia’s anatomical location and runs well within the foot’s longitudinal arch. The moderate arch support and the double layered yellow 3 mm Shock Absorber X hindfoot pad in combination with the incorporated red PUR Slow-Memory foam optimally reduce impact forces, that affect the heel with every step. The orthotic shell can be optionally shaped due to its thermoplastic properties and can, therefore, be uniquely adapted to the user’s foot and requirements. Additionally, the CALCA PRO X can be supplemented by soft Carbosan foam met pads which support the transversal arch.

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  • For professional use only
  • Preformed, unfinished orthotic blank for further processing
  • Heat moldable at 130° – 140 °C for custom fit
  • Available in two different widths (Narrow and Medium)
  • Sturdy & solid design with heel recess and low positioned groove for the plantar fascia in the fiber composite shell
  • 3D-Contour: PX = higher longitudinal arch support with plantar fascia groove
  • Foot orthotic shell: Acrylic composite material made of woven glass fiber and knitted polyamide GH702
  • Hindfoot cushion: 3 mm Shock Absorber X 7° Shore A, yellow
  • Base cover: CarboTec black
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