Romsons NEL-CATH Nelaton Catheter

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This Romsons Nel Cath Nelaton Catheter is designed for short term bladder catheterization through urethra. Nelaton catheters used in hospitals are straight tube like catheters with one hole at the side of the tip and a connector at the other end for drainage. They are generally rigid or stiff to aid insertion into the urethra. Nelaton catheters are meant for one time use and should be used only for intermittent catheterization.

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  • Designed for short term bladder catheterization through urethera.
  • Manufactured from Medical Grade PVC compatible with catheter lubricants.
  • Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Frozen surface tubing for super smooth intubation.
  • Coned distal end for atraumatic catheterization.
  • Radio-opaque line provided throughout the length of catheter for X-ray visualization.
  • Universal funnel shape connector for easy connection to urine bag. Sterile, ready for use.
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