Velpeau Knee Pad Ligaction Pro 2

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Velpeau® Ligaction® Pro Comfort is an open knee brace for compression and stabilization of the knee.
Indications: Treatment of acute and chronic pain and/or irritations of the knee joint, as well as functional deficits after injury or surgery and following incorrect load or overload of the joint of the knee, capsule, tendons, muscles and/or ligaments.
Sprains or moderate bruising of the knee.
Moderate acute or chronic ligament instability.
Moderate patellar hypermobility or instability.
Moderate median or lateral meniscal pathologies (acute or degenerative trauma).
Postoperative treatment after meniscus surgery.

VKnee-pads Velpeau Ligaction Pro 2 Lohmann Rauscher- Brace open – Comic removable backing – Elasticity every direction – anti-slip system

Size 1: knee 29-38 cm, Thigh: 36-47 cm
Size 2: knee 34-42 cm, Thigh: 41-50 cm
Size 3: knee 39-45 cm, Thigh: 44-53 cm
Size 4: knee 43-48 cm, Thigh: 50-56 cm
Size 5: knee 47-52 cm, Thigh: 56-65 cm

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