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ACTIVITY SPORT GREY is a piece of high-tech footwear from Podartis’ Podynamica range. It was developed to help the overweight enjoy physical exercise but also designed to curb excessive pronation or supination.
It is recommended for individuals troubled by limited joint mobility, metatarsalgia, diabetic feet or rheumatic feet who require primary or secondary prevention.
The semi-rigid Timing Rocker Sole® biomechanical outsole uses DCS Dynamic Cross System® technology. It is a fibre-composite insert located inside the Vibram® tread which helps to curb excessive pronation and supination and boasts an extra bearing capacity to make sure that the sole does not collapse in the case of overweight wearers (tested up to 140 kg).
This system ensures an excellent elastic response and contributes to an improved gait, reducing the joint energy requirements for a smooth elastic transition.
Clinical trials have shown that Activity footwear enhanced with DCS technology is efficacious for individuals affected by neurological disorders, stabilising the gait, guiding the feet and providing an effective contribution during the push-off stage.
The stretchable upper, which is seamless at friction points, adapts to the shape of the foot as well as to any deformities, ensuring comfort and preventing painful rubbing.
Being larger in size, the shoe can accommodate bigger feet and ready-made or bespoke insoles (including bulky ones).
Thanks to the clinical and biomechanical tests conducted as well as the high levels of technology employed, ACTIVITY SPORT GREY ensures protected physical activity, for overweight wearers as well.

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