Mondial Hair Trimmer Super Groom 10

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Specially developed for the male care, the trimmer by 10 in 1 – Super groom the Mondial will help you eliminate the by unwanted, it is multifunctional and easy to use, cares you the convenience your house and with much more safety for your health.

The trimmer is 10 in 1: Hair Clipper, Trimmer beard and mustache, precision Trimmer, micro shaver, Trimmer nose and ear, 4 cutting Combs, 1 comb with regulation height with 16 lengths. Includes base loader bivolt.

Hair Clipper:
Ideal for trimming the by the face, neck and body with total practicality, ensures the cut flush the skin when used without comb cutting.

Cutting Combs:
4 cutting Combs with 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm for trimming hair or hair.

Trimmer for nose and ear::
Removing the nose and ears with total comfort and practicality.

Trimmer beard and mustache::
Ideal for trimming accurately the beard and areas lower.

Combs adjustable::
16 lengths adjustable for trimming the hair length you prefer

Precision Trimmer::
Perfect for trimming accurately small lines and details.

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    SKU: BFI-29038 Brand:

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