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WPS is a post-operative piece of footwear designed to treat fractures, inflammatory disorders or pain at the front of the front.
The forefoot-offloading outsole transfers the weight to the rearfoot, making MPS ideal for the treatment of interdigital and forefoot ulcers as well.
The height of the 34mm outsole contributes to a natural stance whilst the angle of dorsiflexion stabilises the gait and reduces the “step effect” (Novel test 2007). It also allows for the insertion of a balancing customisable EVA insole (attached).
The super-soft nylon upper without an edge trim is suitable for more sensitive feet with skin problems. The protective front edge only measures 6 mm and was designed not to interfere with K-wire work.
The triple-velcro fastening allows patients to adjust the internal volume to suit their needs.
The effectiveness of WPS in offloading pressure from the forefoot has been tested clinically and biomechanically. It allows patients to get back to walking earlier, hastening the recovery of joint function (clinical study on offloading footwear during the post-surgical recovery phase, 2012).

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  • 8° forefoot-offloading sole
  • Upper in super-soft nylon without edge trim.
  • Rigid counters and rear stabiliser.
  • Triple-velcro closure and adjustable internal volume.
  • Outsole 34mm in height.
  • Toe cap for protection against the dirt and bad weather (optional).
  • It allows for the insertion of a balancing customisable EVA insole (attached).
  • Can be worn on either leg.
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